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You don't know how to choose the right polished concrete floor solution? This is why Epo-trend Kft. created the Clever Floor Floor Selector, which guides users to the floor of their dreams with the help of a simple questionnaire. Choose from our smart floor solutions so that you can immediately request a quote from our Clever Floor contractors participating in our Floor Partner Program with your technical proposal!

Choose which area you are looking for a floor solution for and we will customize it for you!

Grossed concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry and have many advantages over traditional floor coverings. Some of their advantages and areas of application are as follows:

Durability and long life: Polished concrete floors are extremely durable and resistant and can stand up to harsh environments. Thanks to their long service life, they reduce the time and money needed for renovation or replacement.

Easy maintenance: Polished concrete floors are easy to keep clean, as their smooth surface does not retain dust and dirt. They can be easily kept clean with simple detergents and water.

Aesthetic appearance: Properly polished concrete floors give the area a modern and stylish look. They have a wide range of colors and patterns, so they can easily be matched to the style of the environment.

Environmentally friendly solution: Using concrete as a raw material can be a more environmentally friendly solution compared to other floor coverings, especially if it contains recycled materials.

Low Costs: The installation and maintenance costs of polished concrete floors can generally be lower compared to other floor coverings, especially in the long run.

Areas of application:

  • Commercial buildings: For example, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, which handle a lot of traffic and require durable flooring.
  • Industrial facilities: Factories, warehouses, plant halls, where there is a lot of vehicle traffic and heavy machines operate.
  • Public spaces: Such as schools, community centers, sports facilities, where durability and ease of maintenance are important.
  • Residential areas: More and more they choose polished concrete floors at home because of their modern look and durability.

Overall, polished concrete floors can be widely used and have many advantages, which is why they are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry.< /p>

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